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Marie-Hera de la Meute d’Antan


our first Bloodhound. We learned together how to compete at the shows of dogs, how to present attitude in the best way and what it really means a good ring gear.

– Douai , 12 June 2016


– Europa Dogshow, Brussels, 26-27- 28 August 2016 – The rating is excellent! The ensemble rate: second in champion class


– Rotterdam 3 Septemeber 2016

rotterdam20160903_1  Rotterdam 03.09.2016

– Rotterdam 26 juli 2015

Rotterd Rotterdam

Heavy, but very pleasant, science has brought results. It soon turned out that Marie is excellent in hers breed and applies a lot of success in the exhibitions:

International championship: 12 August 2016


Championship of the Netherlands: 16 November 2015

ChampionatNL bleiswik

– Dortmund exhibition: 16-18 October 2015, title: BUNDESSIEGER Marie was the best in class I in her race (breed)!


– Marie – Hera also competed at the 30 dogshows, where she received 28 times the PERFECT rate! From 28 different judges!

– at the show in Arnhem, where she was on 3rd place on the main ring in 6th group
arnhem dogshow

At international exhibitions she received:
– 6 times BOB
– 12 times CACIB
– 18 times CAC

Dune-Artemis Famous Alhavant


our next treasure freshly begins hers ring career, but she already has hers first successes!

lovain2 lovain lovain1 lovain_diploma

Of course, we look forward to (further success)!